Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kids Today

Recently I was reading a local mom’s blog, where she related that her daughter receives a whopping five bucks from the Tooth Fairy for each lost tooth. Man, inflation is worse than I realized.

Back in my day (look out, here comes Old Man Tara), I got a quarter for each lost tooth. Today I used my mad Googlin’ skills to find out that kids have 20 baby teeth (though it seems doubtful that my parents would have tolerated the Tooth Fairy routine 20 times, times three kids). But still. In theory, I could have made a max haul of five bucks.

My entire mouthful of baby chompers were worth just one of a modern kid’s teeth. Times, they are a-changin’.

Or maybe that girl is just totally spoiled.

Either way, Old Man Tara is still mind-boggled by the whole thing. They never mention Tooth Fairy costs in those articles with titles like “Cost of Rugrat-Rearing Now Over Four Million Dollars,” but clearly they should have.

And what about allowance? I remember, quite distinctly, a girl who told me she received $20 per week in allowance, whereas I was picking up sticks in the backyard at a penny apiece for my dough. Jealousy isn’t what I remember feeling, though; I just wondered where in the H-E-double-hockey-sticks she was spending $20 a week. What could a ten-year-old possibly buy? We lived in a town with a gas station, four-aisle grocery store, and a bowling alley, not FAO Schwarz. She was probably the type who earned $5 per tooth.

What baffles my mind most about this local mom (the one who kicked off this whole thought process) is that she doesn’t realize that the Tooth Fairy could get away with sticking a quarter under the pillow instead of a fiver. Then she’d have an extra $4.75 to pay her daughter to pick up sticks in the backyard.

Now that was a solid way to earn cash.



  1. Or maybe that girl is just totally spoiled.
    I would tend to think she's spoiled, but that's because inflation at our house isn't nearly as bad. Our kids get a buck a tooth, which is still four times more than the quarter I got for each baby tooth. Or at least I got a quarter a tooth till I stopped believing in the tooth fairy, anyway.

    And hey, at least you got a penny a stick - I got bupkis.

  2. I'd say a dollar is on par with twenty years' inflation. Keep up the good work. ;)

    A penny bought a Tootsie roll back in my day, so I was good with it!

  3. "Old Man Tara" is my fave!!!!!!! Can he/she come around more often?

  4. She's always around, Rix... in my heart.