Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Almost Like Being Wealthy

It’s that glorious time of year—- tax season!

All right, so generally people aren’t throwing IRS theme parties (imagine the paperwork streamers strung about—- how festive!), but I think anyone who gets a cash refund for their efforts can identify. A common topic of conversation as of late has been "what’re you doing with your refund?"

Mine is mostly going to pay bills and to buy a new external hard drive. You know, responsible things, though I am just nerdy enough to be excited about a 2-terabyte hard drive. (I’ve taken to chomping in my boyfriend's and others' general directions, proclaiming it a Tara-bite, long enough for everyone to undoubtedly hope I’ll have satisfied my obsession soon. Yes, my sense of humor is equivalent to that of a six-year-old who has just figured out puns.)

If I didn’t have any Adult Responsibilities™ lined up for my refund, here’s what I’d spend it on:
♠ an Alaskan cruise (or down payment on condo overlooking Alaskan landscape)

♠ entire box set of M*A*S*H on DVD

♠ a lifetime supply of Junior Mints

♠ Colin Firth or Jean Dujardin, depending on sale price

♠ season tickets to the Civic Center’s Broadway series

♠ the World of Downton Abbey book

♠ a feather pen with accompanying ink pot to keep on my desk so as to look like a real writer [in the sixteenth century]
In this imaginary world, my refund check stretches much further than it does in the Real World.

What would you buy?



  1. Fact: I have a feather pen and ink well, though it is called a "quill" since it's a Harry Potter ink pen. I don't know why I don't keep it displayed on my desk. Perhaps I'm worried that it sets too high of an expectation?

    Let's see, if I were able to spend my refund solely on "pleasure items" and not things like property taxes and dental bills (sigh) I would buy:

    A trip to Alaska! I don't about a cruise exactly, but I have always wanted to go to Alaska and since my mom's aunt and cousins live there, I would have somewhere to stay!

    If not Alaska, then a trip to Spain, Portugal, Germany or England.

    There are other things, but of course they are not in the realm of realistic purchases with a tax refund. I would like to remodel my upstairs bathroom, or put in new carpet, or do all sorts of things, but those take a lot of money. Also, in some circles, they could be seen as some kind of Adult Responsibility purchase.

    Sigh...even my dreams are grown-up now. :-(

  2. P.S. My Captcha word was "anguish", so clearly it has me pegged.

    1. When I think of you, I think "anguish," so that works out well.

      A trip to Alaska would work as well. Either, really. I just need to be in Alaska. Perhaps riding on a dogsled.

      Sigh...even my dreams are grown-up now.
      They never tell you that this will happen.

  3. I would go for a trip to Alaska. Or Norway and Iceland. Or Austria or Japan or... well, I guess the list of places I'd consider traveling to could go on and on.

    What else would I go for? A nice new camera with photoshop to go with it or a cast iron teaset. I have been eyeing a nice setup like that for awhile. :)

  4. The cast iron tea-set would go nicely with my feather quill.